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The ethereal short film, Flare, invites the viewer into a world in which female bodies have a voice. By letting the body speak, we embrace its beauty, vulnerability, diversity and powerful sensuality. Produced by an all women-identifying team with the mission of supporting women in falling in love with their physical selves, we want women to embrace the beautiful imperfections and enchantments of their own ‘normal’ bodies. The visuals are accompanied by the voice of the female body speaking in the first person, a voice representing the thoughts and emotions of fifty women from around the world and of various races, ages and body types interviewed by our team. We asked our interviewees the simple question; “if your body could talk, what would it say?” The voice of the female body was born from their answers. We wove together their thoughts, struggles and stories to curate a captivating yet authentic voice.

dir: Borbala Szelei
dp: Alina Albrecht

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